DJI announcement: “Unleash your other side” for May 15th

DJI, one of the biggest drone maker in the world has made an announcement. As usual, the message was accompanied by a cryptic description, which says: “Unleash your other side”. To find out more we will have to wait until May 15th when the company will make the official announcement at 9:15 am EST.

The DJI announcement: “Unleash your other side” features a photo of a female free-diver in a deep blue ocean. There is a reflection of the diver in the ‘ocean floor’, although that seems to be a water surface instead of a real ocean floor. You might be tempted to think that the new product has something to do with water. Might it be used in the water? Will it be waterproof? Other than the reference to water and the slogan “Unleash your other side”, there are really no further clues in DJI’s message.


Source: DroneDJ

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