Ready to elevate your career in drones?

Aerial Inspection Course

Develop the skills you need to fly drones for inspections missions in our

Learn to fly, gather, and analyze aerial inspection data

Corporations spend billions of dollars inspecting their high value infrastructures and assets every year and drones have been proven to make inspections safer and more cost effective. During a Aerial Inspections Workshop you will learn from veteran professionals experienced in:

  • Commercial and Residential Roof Assessments
  • Radio and Cellular Tower Inspections
  • Oil and Gas Facilities Operations
  • Solar Infrastructure Assessments
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Property Management Support
  • Thermography Inspections

Training designed to turn you into an Aerial Inspections pro

  • Post natural disaster
  • Scheduled commercial construction inspections and monitoring
  • Insurance inspections
  • Home and roof inspections
  • Chimney and steeple inspections
  • Utility inspections
  • Water system inspections
  • Solar farm inspections
  • Wind farm inspections
  • Railroad inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Getting Involved

  • Platform Considerations

  • Payload Considerations

  • Types of Imagery Products

  • Areas of Focus

  • Manual Flight Profiles

  • Common Manual Shots

  • Determining the Shot List

  • Sample Shot Lists

  • Environmental Impacts
  • Image Framing
  • Common Camera Settings
  • Specialty Camera Settings
  • Flight Hazards Around Structures
  • Common Drone Emergencies
  • Recommended Emergency Responses
  • Utilizing Preflight Checklists
  • Determining Airspace Requirements
  • Evaluating Forecast Weather
  • Performing a Site Evaluation
  • Verifying Waiver Requirements
  • Checking State & Local Regulations
  • On-Site Assessment Checklist
  • Evaluating Current Weather
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Determining Takeoff/Landing Points
  • Adjusting the Flight Profile
  • Updating Lost Link Settings
  • Determining Appropriate Crew Composition
  • Camera Operator Responsibilities
  • Visual Observer Responsibilities
  • Visual Observer Placement
  • Communication Methods
  • Crew Briefing
  • Fundamentals of Mapping & Modeling
  • Mapping Software Overview
  • Utilizing Mapping Software for Aerial Drone Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Fundamentals
  • Types of Thermal Payloads
  • Thermal Inspections
  • What to Bring on a Job
  • Sample Workflow
  • Interacting with the Public
  • Drone Job Resources

Two-day Workshop Schedule