Aerial Videography & Photography Course

Discover how to take the best angle and the best lighting that cinematic shots

Learn from Professional

Our trainers are a professional film drone pilot with over 20 years of experience

Meet the Trainers

Adam Lokman

Background in TV & Film Production spanning over 20 years as a Director of Photography & Cameraman. He also has vast experienced in building and piloting RC aircraft since he was 12 years old.


20 years of experience as a cameraman and DP in the film and production industry. Had worked with major networks such as Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and many more.


Have 5 years experience in the drone and film industry. Started as an intern working with multiple of production house before taking up drone licence to become a drone pilot.


Wide experience in the drone industry with at least 15 years. Ranging from Filmography, surveying, mapping inspection and many more.

The Syllabus

The objectives of this course is:

1.Understand the safety, rules and regulation to do a drone videography anywhere in Malaysia.

2.Recognize the settings in DJI Apps to get a better shots.

3.Realize the use of sun in drone shots.

4.Know the speed, movement and framing to get a cinematic shots.

*P.S; we assumed that you already know how to fly a drone

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